Highly braided flexible connectors are manufactured by braided copper tapes. We manufacture the braided flexible connectors in different widths and cross-sections. These flexible connectors enable the transfer of high current by using components with smaller dimensions. This good flexibility makes installation into difficult equipment or small places easier.

Common range of application:

  • Absorbs movements and vibrations between busbars and switchgears
  • Switchgears
  • Transformers
  • Generators Resistance welding machines
  • Control units Ground strap Electroplating

Considerable Advantages:

  • good flexiblity
  • long term life cycle
  • extraordinary cost/performance ratio
  • high quality product
  • Absorbing movements and vibrations

Materials used:


Depending on required currents, copper braided flexibles are used, as well as aluminum or stainless steel.


Technical details :

  • braided copper tapes with a single wire diameter of 0,05 until 0,5
  • bare or tin coated Ends or contact areas are assembled with solderless pressed copper connectors
  • bare and on request tin or silver coated
  • standard copper braided flexibles

EMS POLSKA manufactures user specific products, and maintains a stock of braided flexibles in a variety of different sizes. 


Braided Flexibles photo gallery

  • Braided Flexible
  • Braided Flexible

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